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Network - Application Form for
Academic Year 2016 - 2017

To be admitted at Camplus, firs of all you need to apply for it; then you have to pass an admission test.
The application form, which can be filled in online only, consists of four main sections which aim at giving a synthetic but complete overview of the student's general information, education, personal attitudes and family. While filling in the application form the student is also called to accept the processing of personal data and to provide a self-declaration which states that he/she has the basic requirements to participate in the application procedure.

Continue application with the following Application Code:

Instructions for filling in the online APPLICATION FORM:

If this is the first time you apply, select [New Application] and start filling in the form.
If you have to modify or retrieve the application, insert your Admission Code and select [Continue Application] with your Application Code. The first time you save your data you will receive an e-mail with an Application Code. Please be sure you insert the correct e-mail address in order to receive this code. In any case, the Application Code is also displayed in the top left-side of each page you will fill in.
To save your information and to resume it when necessary, just click the [save] button.
When you have completed the application form use the [SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION] button, which is in the last page of the form, to send us your application. Once you have done this your application cannot be further modified.
It is necessary to send the final application for it to be taken into consideration for participating in the admission test at the Camplus residence you required.
If you encountered any problem in filling in the form, please feel free to call our Toll Free Number +39 800 302 008 (phone number is active from 9 am-1 pm and 2-6 pm) or send us an e-mail at the following address

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